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Whether you are cruising by automobile or motorcycle, the Ohio River Scenic Byway is the perfect ride with exceptional river views, breathtaking hills and lush forest valleys connected by curvy routes dotted with charming river towns – ideal road stops with fabulous local food and interesting things to do. While the entire national byway spans 943 miles, continuing west into Indiana and Illinois, nearly half of the journey (or 452 miles) borders the great state of Ohio with near-constant views of the mighty Ohio River.

A beautiful drive in any season, the route is rarely crowded. Traffic is heaviest between July and October, but most of the stretch is free from congestion with few exceptions near larger population centers at peak drive times. The Ohio River Scenic Byway covers 13 Appalachian counties opulent in diversity. These special places are not only known for their natural beauty but also for their cultural resources. Rich in history and flourishing with activity, the beauty of the water attracts and inspires musicians and artists from all over the world.

Travel the paths of pioneers and presidents. Not only does the Ohio River Scenic Byway follow the path of explorers and adventurers, the verdant heartland byway passes through the birthplaces of three US presidents.